It rained yesterday.

And today.

And it’s still raining.

I’m not complaining; I’m stating a fact.

God knows we could use it, too.

The rain reminds me of being a kid and puddle jumping. Ever done that before? Puddle jump? I did it up ’til high school. My friends thought I’d lost it every time I puddle jumped. Water would go flying everywhere and chances were you’d end up wet from the knees down.

I still like puddles, but I don’t jump anymore. I walk through, admire the ripples, or make a face at how murky the water is.

There are things you love as a child, reminisce about as a young adult, forget about as an adult, and reminisce about again as a mature adult. It’s those conversations of, “Remember when…” that bring back childhood memories.

Like today, it’s raining …

… and I remember puddles.


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