Today, we’re packing.

With the move pretty much around the corner, we’re packing as much as we can today to avoid a last minute panic of, “Oh my god, we have nothing done!”

So right now, as I’m typing, there are probably a dozen or so taped boxes ready to be moved. However, we still have maybe a dozen or so more boxes to fill. Believe me, we’ll fill ’em.

The only good thing about moving – well, second good thing besides getting a bigger place – is you find stuff from the last move and seriously ask, “Why’d we keep that?” and “Where’d that come from?” But, sometimes, it doesn’t mean you toss it. For some things, you simply repack it and move it again. The cycle isn’t vicious; I like to think it’s quite funny ’cause you’ll be asking yourself the same question the next time you move.

My parents came and picked up Ella so she’s not under our feet or in our way as we pack. She’s a handful as is; can you imagine us trynna pack with her in the way???

Someone would have a heart attack and it for sure wouldn’t be me! LOL

Wish us luck with the packing part. I’m not partaking in the actual move which will being February 1. For all you sports fans/fanatics, yes, we’re moving Super Bowl Sunday. I guess it’s good that it’s an afternoon game as opposed to morning. *shrugs*


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