It’s 48 Outside

According to, it’s currently 48 in San Mateo but it feels like 44.

I know for a fact that our warehouse is about 10 degrees hotter or colder than the outside temp, depending on the current weather and season. So our warehouse today is probably mid-30’s.

That’s pretty cold.

Our guys are out there in beanies, jackets with the hoods up, hands in their pockets trying to stay warm. As an observance, they look rather pathetic.

Life’s crazy like that though. One day you’ll get the crazy warm weather (where things are going great) and the next the storm clouds have rolled in (things are gonna get cold and miserable). But regardless of what kind of day you’re having, you have the choice to be optimistic and see the silver lining, or you can be miserable and drag everyone else down with you.

I try to be as optimistic as possible; the brighter sides of things always seem to make a bad situation seem not so bad. Sure complaining about a bad situation is normal (who doesn’t do that?) but it doesn’t help solve the problem or improve your mood either.

As I’ve grown older, I have learned (and am still learning) that “dust it off” is helpful in letting go of things I can’t control or accepting things for what they are.

So while the day may promise sunshine and warm temperatures, don’t be surprised if a few clouds roll in and try to ruin your day.

But you have a choice; don’t let the clouds ruin your day.


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