February 14 brings our 5th anniversary and the traditional gift is wood.


Yeah, you read right: wood.

I had a good – no, great – laugh when I read that. So I’m thinking I’ll get my husband a baseball bat as an anniversary gift. 🙂

Wood might be a strange gift idea for any event worth celebrating, but if you think about it, wood items are more common that you realize.

It’s used to make desks, cutting boards, knife handles, cabinets, houses, picture frames, shoes (clogs), boats, bats (baseball & cricket), chairs, etc.

In the right hands, a piece of wood can be shaped into a beautiful, sturdy dresser, or carved into a delicate statue. It can be hollowed out to create a bowl or burned to create warmth.

Wood has one characteristic that I find remarkable: it’s durability.

It can weather any storm, survive numerous falls or hits, offer stability and support.

In a marriage, you’ll run into storms that take you by surprise or that you see coming. You’ll take a few hits, emotionally and mentally. You offer stability and support to one another.

Now that I think about it, it’s actually a pretty good anniversary gift.

Here’s to celebrating your 5th Wedding Anniversary. May the gift of wood you receive remind you of everything you’ve faced together and everything you offer each other. Cheers!


One thought on “Wood

  1. LMAO a baseball bat!! That’s a great gift!! Just be sure that he keeps it in a place you have easy access to juuuust encase you need it =)

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