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James McAvoy (Wesley Gibson), Morgan Freeman (Sloan), Angelina Jolie (Fox)
Universal Pictures – 2008

Viewers are dropped into the life of Wesley Gibson, a stressed out, down-trodden, apologizing man whose life is so sad and pathetic it’s hard not to roll your eyes at the sarcastic narration he offers throughout the film. His life comes to a halt when Fox drops into his life, trying to convince him of the unseen abilities he has as an assassin. Once introduced to Sloan, Fox’s boss, Wesley is also introduced to The Fraternity, a secret society of assassins that receives their targets from a fate. But Wesley learns there’s more to The Fraternity then meets the eye, especially Sloan, who has kept a dark secret from everyone.

Recommendation: Yes

Surf’s Up
Voices of: Jeff Bridges (Big Z/Geek), Shia LeBeouf (Cody Maverick), Zooey Deschanel (Lani Aliikai), Jon Heder (Chicken Joe)
Sony Pictures Releasing – 2007

This mockumentary follows a penguin, Cody Maverick, who has dreamed of surfing his entire life. After finding his way to Pen Gu Island to compete in the Big Z Memorial Surf Contest, Cody finds himself in over his head against Tank Evans, the 9 time winner of the contest. Cody suffers an accident when he goes head-to-head with Tank, and is cared for by Geek, a local penguin who wants nothing more than to see him leave. But Geek’s interest in Cody is piqued when he begins talking about Big Z, and Cody finds out his caretaker is none other than Big Z who’s been in hiding since he faked his death in a surfing accident.

Recommendation: Yes

Paul Soter (Jan Wolfhouse), Erik Stolhanske (Todd Wolfhouse)
Warner Bros. Picture Distribution – 2006

Jan and Todd are two brothers who have just lost their beloved grandfather and are sent back to Germany to spread his ashes at Oktoberfest as is tradition. It’s there they drunkenly discover “Beerfest”, a secret, centuries old, underground beer game competition. However, long lost relatives are not pleased at the brothers’ appearance and slander their grandfather’s name and humilate them, eventually throwing them out of the event. Determined to defend their family name, they recruit some friends and begin a yearlong journey to becoming beer drinking champions. Along the way, they discover the truth about their family and return to Germany to set the record straight.

Recommendation: Pretty much if you’re a guy, this is your movie. I found the movie kinda crude, but I’d label it a guy movie.


One thought on “Movie Reviews

  1. Usually, if Galen wants to see a movie, I'll be nice and go see it with him. In our history of dating and marriage, I've only said "hell no–go see it with your friends" to maybe one movie.

    Beerfest was it.

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