Understanding Why

I’ve never really been a “just do” person. I like to know why I’m doing something, who I’ll be doing it with, where I’ll be doing it, etc. But sometimes I get thrown a curve and I’m left asking, “Why?”

Often when that happens, I’m usually replaying the events in my head, trying to figure out what triggered the sudden turn. Sometimes the answer is clear, like I probably should’ve done A instead of B, said A instead of B, gone to A instead of B, and the list goes on.

But in those moments where I’m left scratching my head without a clear answer to “Why?” it’s there I usually turn to God and say, “Ok. Look. I have no clue what just happened or why it happened but I would really appreciate an answer to all this.”

I can laugh when it’s all over because more often than not He doesn’t answer me. At least not right away.

The “Why?” in life sometimes goes unanswered for a long time, and it may not even be answered in your lifetime. But understand this: God has a reason for everything that happens to you and you should trust that He knows what He’s doing.

It’s a process, trust me when I say that, and the process can be very trying because you’re being asked to trust in a plan, an idea, that was thought up or implemented by you.

When I say that God is faithful and that He knows what He’s doing concerning your life, He really is and He really does.


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