Catching up

For the past two nights, I haven’t slept good.

It’s not because of bad dreams, or the icky warm weather, or anything like it.

It’s because Ella’s got a cold.

It started Friday night and has carried into today. The warm weather isn’t helping either, mainly because we live in an apartment that doesn’t have AC in it. So because she’s miserable, she likes to share it and I mean that in the most nicest way possible because she’s 17 months and can’t really do anything to make herself better.

So my past two sleepless nights have been spent taking care of her, giving her Tylenol, walking her around the room/house, trying to cool her down, trying to keep her from crying. About 90% of the time, my attempts are successful. The other 10% are when my attempts don’t help at all and she’s completely inconsolable.


Besides being sick, she’s doing good. She had a well-care checkup Thursday. She’s 32-1/4 inches tall, 25 pounds heavy, and her head is 16 inches round. She knows over 30 words, some pronouns, some nouns. She’s got nine teeth; a molar ruptured April 2 and she’s been miserable over that, too.

I had a checkup Thursday with my primary over my knee and a dry cough I’ve had. The cough is almost gone (thank You, God) but my knee still hurts now and then. The doctor said I had a strained ligament and that it’ll take longer for it to heal because it’s a ligament. She also said an anti-inflammatory (i.e. Motrin) should help with the pain when it’s really bothering me.

Like taking care of a cranky, miserable 17 month old child, patience is key to my knee’s progress, especially since I do alot after work that requires two good knees.

The warm weather is ok; honestly, not my favorite thing in the world. But global warming also sucks so the warm weather that shows up sooner in a year is gonna be around for a bit I guess.

But I’m thinking a day at the beach with Ella (and maybe Jacob???) would be fun. Let her explore the sand and surf, make sand castles with her, watch her eat the sand …

Ah, yes, the things I’m looking forward to after my knee gets better…


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. The beach would be awesome!! Jacob hasn’t been yet and I’m sure they’d both enjoy it. I hope your knee gets better!! =)

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