PS3, MLB ’09, and Netflix

Brian traded our Wii about a week, a week and a half ago at the most, and used the in-store credit toward a PS3. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

It’s the UGLIEST looking game console I’ve ever seen. Sleek, yes. Aesthetically pleasing, NO!!! It’s bigger than XBox 360 and looks worse than it’s predecessor, PS2. It sits on the dresser and requires a hi-def USB cable to be plugged into the TV.

It doesn’t bother me that he got it – I’m not a big gamer – but I just have state that it’s a very ugly console.

With the PS3, came baseball season 2009. That’s right. For all of you who don’t follow baseball for reasons that are your own, baseball season is in full swing. All this means is Brian usually gets the latest MLB video game, in this case, MLB ’09 The Show. I’m not sure why he gets the latest MLB games almost every season because he doesn’t seem to finish the previous year’s MLB game.

I just say “Ok” when he asks if he can get it or when he buys it then tells me when he gets home. While I doubt I’ll ever understand the magnitude of his like for the latest MLB games, it keeps him occupied and a chance to make the SF Giants better than they sometimes are in real life.

So whatever lol.

We got Netflix a while ago. It’s really good – you mail the movies out, they mail them in to you. Pretty simple and very hassle free. We’ve gone through maybe eight or ten movies since we started but I don’t think I’ve seen a whole movie yet.

Ella gets super bored when a movie starts and then gets very whiny after maybe 20 – 30 minutes of wanderin around the house or playing by herself. So this is usually why I haven’t seen an entire movie yet.

Whch is ok.

Sometimes at night I’ll watch whatever I DVR’d so the trade is even.


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