I was reviewing our calendar for May and realized that as of today, we only have 5 days in May where nothing is on the calendar. No events, no studies, no practices, nothing. 5 out of 31 days. And there’s one entire week in May, all 7 days, that have at least one event scheduled on each day.

Most people would say we’re busy, and yes, we are, but it’s not stuff that fills our calendar. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are taken up with different church studies. Thursdays are usually my worship practice nights. Fridays are sometimes a church event. Saturdays are sometimes date nights with couples at the church. Sundays are early worship practices and church, with various events happening in the afternoons after church and with the church.

So, yes, we are busy. But we’re busy with things at the church.

I guess you could say our time is well invested.


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