Quiet night

For tonight only, Ella is staying at my in-laws and I didn’t get a chance to tell her g’nite over the phone. 😦

So right now, at 10:11 pm, the house is quiet. It’s been quiet all evening, which is very strange to me. She’s usually in and out of rooms, talking up a storm, singing, running, walking, saying “uppie!,” crying for whatever reason, and whining (which is her latest thing).

Needless to say, tonight will be very quiet. She won’t be waking up in her crib going, “aaaaaaaaa” with her hand over her mouth (it’s a self-soothing technique she taught herself) and she won’t be waking up at 6:30 tomorrow morning (I’m not sure why she thinks is an appropriate time to wake up on a Saturday) talking to herself until we wake up to get her.


It’s ok. The bright spot, silver lining, sunshiny moment is I’ll get to see her tomorrow night.

My night just got better!


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