Monday’s cooler

This weekend was fun!

Well, it was annoyingly hot, too…

Saturday we three went out to do some errands which included a new vacuum! Woohoo! This one’s a bagless Hoover in red. I’ve never had a bagless vacuum before and it’s pretty interesting. You can see all the dirt/garbage/whatever in the canister. Kinda disgusting but cool at the same time!

We also got two new laundry hampers. We settled for the pop-up ones. Brian has one and Ella & I have the other. They hold a lot more laundry than I originally thought!

Reminds me, I need to pick up quarters during lunch today.

We had our first Cousins’ Dinner for 2009 on Saturday as well. It was nice. We had it at James & Melissa’s place, a cute little townhouse in San Mateo. The kids (Jacob, Giana & Ella) played together pretty good after a while, and we all met Sarah’s new boyfriend, Paul. He’s pretty cool and super easy to talk to!

Sunday was fairly busy – it was our church’s Celebration Sunday. We’ve been singing one song every Sunday in a different language. May 3 was Mandarin/Cantonese (I can’t remember), May 10 was Samoan, and May 17 was Tagalog. Then we finished the day off with a huge celebration with foods from Italy, Samoa, the Phillippines, Mexico, Chinese, the Deep South/South Africa, and Thailand (I think).

The food was delicious and the fellowship was awesome. We’ll be doing it again next year sometime, so maybe ya’ll should come out!


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