E can speak somewhat full sentences now and it’s kinda cute and amazing to hear.

“Yummy, yummy, piiiiiiiiie!” (This is from “Pizza Pie Elmo”)
“I wanna bacum.” (I want to vacuum.)
“You going bacum?” (You going to vacuum?)
“Brush teeth.”
“I wanna go potty.” (This doesn’t actually mean she’ll go potty)
“I going bed.” (I’m going to bed. She can’t actually do this ’cause she can’t climb into the crib.)

It’s amazing to hear her talk. At almost-19-months, I can sorta have a decent conversation with her. I can ask her something and she answers if she understands the question. If she doesn’t, she looks at me and says, “Uh-uh.” Some answers never change I guess!

She’s also getting a buttload of teeth, bringing it to 13 total with 3 more about to rupture. And she hasn’t been feeling well lately either; she’s been extremely warm with a running nose and some congestion in her chest. It’s harder at night for her to breathe when she’s congested so I’m up every hour, two hours to help her sit up to help her breathe a bit.

Constantly being up is getting to be a challenge though; I feel very run down and not really myself. I’m hoping to feel more like myself when she’s better.

B hasn’t been feeling well either. Today he stayed home to catch up on some much needed sleep after spending time with the ceramic bowl. He’s still not 100% but should be by tomorrow evening.

And when he’s better, I’m taking a day off to rest and listen to more of E’s sentences.


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