2008 Corvette ZHZ

My dad-in-law won’t be here for actual Father’s Day, June 21. In light of that, we rented him a 2008 Corvette from yesterday to Sunday. (I’m not a car buff so I don’t have a deep fascination with cars, although I would love to own a ’69 Shelby.)

Needless to say, he was very surprised (actually started crying!) when Brian drove up in this fine piece of machinery. Now some might say, “What a waste of money.” or “That’s a little much for a Father’s Day gift, don’t ya think?”

In truth, no it’s neither. It was worth every red cent we spent and never too much of a gift for one day. He drove that car everywhere for the time it was rented, enjoyed every time he got behind the wheel, and wanted to own his own each time he looked at it.


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