Extra Weight

i recently saw a headline about a group of plus-sized women who chose to shun society’s standards of healthy and be themselves – overweight and happy. the pics showed these beautiful women cooking with their families, playing with their kids, shopping at the malls, getting their nails done.

it was beautiful.

most of my life i’ve carried extra weight/pounds. not just a few; it’s always been in the range of 10-15 extra pounds at any given time. now, mind you, i’m not exactly the most fashion forward person you will run across and i’m not easily persuaded into looking like something/someone else.

the extra weight has been, and still can be, uncomfortable. those jeans i used to wear just don’t fit anymore. this shirt is just too clingy and will reveal everything! my face is rounder than it used to be. the list goes on.

while i have and do carry extra body weight, exercising was never done with a goal of “if only i could wear a size 6” or “nobody will ever notice me at this weight.” the goal was always to be healthy. i’m 3/4 samoan and there are a few health issues that come with it: diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

at the age of 27 (soon to be 28) i’m finding myself observing myself more, noticing how i look. most of the time, 95% of the time, i love what i see because i see me. but other times, that 5% of the time, i hate what i see and wish i looked different.

the truth though is this: most of us have those “i love myself” and “i can’t stand myself” moments. i’ve yet to meet a single person (male or female) who has loved how they look all the time. some of us will never be like the guy/gal on the cover of the magazine you’re reading. some of us will never achieve that elusive “ideal/perfect weight/size.”

be happy with who you are and with what you look like. think about it: God made every single person on this planet and he only made one to look like you.

that makes you special.

it’s what makes me special.

it’s what reminds me that i’m more than meets the eye, even if your eye sees 10-15 extra pounds on me.


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