Everything is no these days.

Ask a question, get a “no.” Administer discipline, get a “no.” Offer suggestions, get a “no.” And sometimes the “no” comes with tears, whining, or an argument, which is my all time favorite! (Whatever!)

I’m not sure what wise guy said that the terrible two’s start at two, but they were smoking something pretty heavy and have never met our kid! 20 months as of yesterday and she’s been saying “no” to pretty much everything for the past two weeks.

But for most every “no” I get from her, I like to ask her “why,” to which she gives me some gibberish answer. And if her answer doesn’t satisfy me (mainly ’cause i don’t know what she’s saying), I ask her “why” again.

The exchange is pretty amusing, usually ending with her saying, “OK.” I guess I just want to give her a chance to explain her “no” answer.

Now, the only time she’s not allowed to explain is when I’m disciplining her and she says no. This is usually over not listening to me or her dad about something, but those times don’t come often.


I guess the terrible two’s aren’t so bad; they’re mostly annoying.


One thought on “N-O

  1. LOL!

    At least in your case, she's super cute to make up for it!

    (Though I'm sure the cuteness wears off after a while.)

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