Our Washington trip:


July 16: We arrive around 1pm or so. We would have been here around 1145am or 12pm but there was traffic on two highways that hindered our otherwise smooth ride. Because of that, we rested all of July 16 except settle in and do nothing.
July 17: We visited a local Wal-Mart supercenter to pick up a few supplies (mainly pullups and diapers) then went into Silverdale to this awesome Chinese food buffet place. The spread was unbelievable – fruit, desserts, fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, veggies, sushi – and we ate our money’s worth for sure!



July 18: We took Grampa’s boat into Hood Canal. The ride was smooth and Ella had a good time. She wore her little life jacket (Dora!) and was looking over the edge of the boat into the water. She had excellent sea legs, too, walking around the boat like it was nothing. LOL She’ll definitely take after her dad! Afterwards, we went into town to Don’s Pharmacy. It’s kinda like a Walgreens, Rite Aid or Longs, except it has an old time soda fountain at the back of the store. A soda fountain (for some people who don’ t know) is a diner style restaurant from the 50’s I think. It was cool! We had burgers and melts, shakes and Italian soda, fries and onion rings. I must say, it was delicious!



July 19: We started our day with breakfast at the Spruce Goose Cafe, a quaint little cafe at the local airport strip. Grampa bought me two Spruce Goose Cafe mugs! 🙂 Next, we caught the Puget Sound Express, a ferry from Port Townsend to Keystone Ferry Terminal, where we drove to Deception Pass. Deception Pass is a massive bridge that spans an incredible passage of water that ebbs and flows with the tides. Our drive continued around to Edmonds, and along the way we stopped at an awesome car show! On display were American made cars from as early as the late 20’s to 2009. It was incredible the amount of heart and love the owners had put into restoring these cars. We caught the Washington State Express (or the Kingston Ferry) to continue our drive home.


July 20: Today we visited Sluy Bakery in Poulsbo. The bakery is definitely praise-worthy: the pastries, breads and sweets looked so delicious and it was hard to pick what I wanted! From there we went to Northwest Trek, a sprawling 700+ acre wildlife park that’s home to bison, elk, caribou, trumpet swan, coyotes, mountain goats, moose, and lots more!We took a ride on the park’s tram, a 3-car bus-type vehicle that took us around the free-roaming area of the park. There we saw bison (one crossed in front of the bus!), elk gathered under a tree, trumpet swans on the lake … It was unbelievable to be that close to these magnificent animals!

July 21: Brian and his grampa went fishing today, heading out to somewhere in the bay to try to catch some salmon. While they weren’t successful, it was an ok day for them! While the boys went fishing, we women went to run some errands, picking up a few things from Wal-Mart before meeting the guys at the harbor. Dinner was at this awesome Mexican place just down a ways from where we stayed and the food was generous in portions and very filling! No one in our party left with an empty stomach!

July 22: We took it easy today since we had a long drive to make to California. We took a quick trip to a Naval Base that grampa had been stationed at many years ago, then went home to pack up our things and get ready. We ended our trip with a nice dinner at Olive Garden in Silverdale unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks!) At about 7pm, 730 at the latest, we started our journey home.

July 23: We arrived at 711am at Brian’s parents’ house. We’re tired but happy to be back in Cali!


2 thoughts on “Washington

  1. Sounds cool! Did you guys plan ahead where you were going to be visiting or did your grandparents suggest places?

  2. they asked us what we wanted to do but since we don't live there, we told them whatever they felt like doing was fine with us.

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