Running in Circles

Circling the issue, pushing for resolution
Wanting to know “Will it be ok?”
Put it aside, patience is key
I suppose it’s the key, I’m not sure
It appears again out of nowhere
Persistent bugger
I don’t want to deal with it
So why’s it here?
Day two goes down and it’s put aside again
Day three appears
There it is – again
This dance is horrendous
Yet intriguing to say the least
The steps seem to be the same
The music’s definitely the same
Yet the issue’s still unresolved
Am I slowly going insane?
We try once more
Day four should do the trick
But it doesn’t and we’re left at the beginning
A sigh escapes – impossible
Day five’s on the horizon
The issue’s front of mind
Let’s not dance again
The steps make me dizzy
Let’s deal with what’s at hand
Let’s make this right
At the verge of dusk
Of day five’s setting
The issue’s dealt with
Sanity seems to be returning
The music’s stopped
And the dance steps have ceased
A smile appears
Realization dawns
It’s over
No more running in circles


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