Surprise, Surprise!

I had spent weeks planning my sister’s baby shower. It’s her second baby, but it’s a girl and she deserved one! It was a lot of hard work since most of the work had to be done during work hours or after Ella had gone to bed ’cause God only knows nothing would’ve gotten done if I did it while she was awake!

Originally planned as a surprise, it was sorta kinda blown by a cousin. But everyone involved played it off as a canceled event so it worked out.

Needless to say, it didn’t start on time. We were supposed to start at 2pm but mama-to-be and her son were napping. Trust me – it’s better to let the pregnant lady nap then to not let her nap. No way does anyone with a sane brain wanna deal with a cranky pregnant lady! But this worked out, too! The guests arrived here and there throughout the next hour and it gave me time to take much-needed breathers before the party started.

I think my sister enjoyed it, even though she hates surprises. She caught up with old friends, spent time with lots of family, ate a whole bunch of delicious food, and then …


A friend from SoCal walked through the front door, surprising her to tears and speechlessness. It was awesome!

Awesome because she didn’t know. Awesome because no one else but I knew. Awesome because this was exactly what she needed it seemed.

She was thrilled at the shower, the gifts, the surprise visit …

Me? I was happy knowing she had enjoyed a great day with her friends and family as we celebrated the upcoming birth of their baby girl.

Welcome to the family, KB! 🙂


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