Ella has a mild interest/fascination with little boy’s toys – cars, airplanes, trucks, trains and motorcycles.

To answer your quiet statement of, “It’s probably because you influence her likes and tastes,” we went to CVS Pharmacy today to pick up some M&M’s and a plastic pumpkin for Halloween. We walked around the store a bit until the toy aisle caught her eye, so down we go. There are Barbie Dolls, Fairies, Polly Pockets … and then … there’s the cars, trucks and motorcycles. I picked up a Barbie Doll all dressed up in pink, her pink lips smiling invitingly to any little girl who sees her.

“Look, Booboo. It’s a Barbie Doll.” I squat down so she can see it. “Do you like it?”

She touched the plastic casing, scrutinizing the smiling doll. “No. I don’t want it.”

“Then what do you want?”

She pointed down the aisle. “I want the car.”

It’s funny to see a small part of my childhood being repeated in our daughter. I was somewhat of a tomboy as a little girl, even for a portion of my early teenage years. I loved dump trucks (my brother’s was my favorite thing to play with), and I treated my Barbie Dolls and My Little Ponies like a boy would – pulling them apart to throw the body parts around ’cause it was fun. I loved playing with the boys, and the injuries I sustained in elementary and middle school were a testament to that.

But as I watch Ella grow up, watch as she develops her tastes, I realize that her interests are her own. I’m proud that she likes to play with trucks, cars and motorcycles. It makes me smile when airplanes fly overhead and she gets excited.

They’ll grow up to be men and women, just as God intended, but for now, as children, let ’em play with whatever interests them. There’s nothing wrong with that.


One thought on “Toys

  1. I feel like a total loser for saying this, but I had no idea she spoke in complete sentences already! That's awesome.

    Anyway, how cute that she's taken after her mommy! And you're right–there's nothing wrong with her playing with trucks when there's a Barbie in the room.


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