Every now and then, an issue or potential hurdle, pops up and the weight of the new issue is heavy. Or maybe it’s just heavier than others.

Whatever the case may be, these moments/times do happen to each of us. It’s how we choose to handle them that makes all the difference in the world.

On our plate, as of tonight, we have a potentially life changing hurdle that’s got us thinking … and talking. We talk a lot about our day (we work together), Ella (one favorite subject), or whatever seems interesting. We talk about our plans (i.e. to move or not, more kids or not, another job). And then … we eventually get one of these conversations that feels heavier than all the others.

The situation we currently have in front of us isn’t a bad one, nor is it a “make-or-break-it” situation. It’s simply potentially life changing. So we talked about. Broke it out, verbally, into pros, cons, uncertainties, certainties. The talking helped and made it a little less heavy (if that’s possible). Could just be that feeling of “Oh, good, we talked about it so it’s out in the open” ya know?

I’ve probably piqued your interest by now, but I think it’s best to keep this as confidential as possible until the moment arrives to announce our plans.

Until then, please keep us in your prayers for peace of mind, comfort, and understanding. We know God desires better things for us; it’s just being confident and taking that one single step in the right direction of what He’s laid before us.

🙂 Once that happens, I think it won’t be as heavy.


One thought on “Heavy

  1. I'm not sure if this potentially life-changing decision is exciting or not, but I'm excited for you! (And praying.)



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