This fall marks a potentially huge beginning for our family.

With a lot of thinking, prayer and discussion, Brian will be taking an entrance exam for Wyotech, a trade school mainly for the automotive industry. I’m excited, anxious, nervous, all of which are understandable I think.

To prepare for the entrance exam, he’ll be tutored by the school (which is free). A 70% is needed by the applicant in order to begin school, and school is 14 months longs (2 sessions of 7 months each). If he passes, he’ll begin in December and finish in February 2011.

School comes with a price, though, and huge decisions that don’t come easily. He’ll be attending classes and needing time to study. But to make sure he has time with his family, he’ll be working less hours so he can attend the afternoon class sessions instead of the evening ones. A typical day will be work from 8 to 12, school from 1 to 5, dinner by 7 and study time will probably be from 7 to 1030 or so.

I believe in the value of education, that it is the best fall back plan you could have in life. A good scholarship in athleticism is of no value if the athlete becomes disabled and can no longer play their sport. A good education behind that sports scholarship will take give that athlete something to fall back on.

I’m praying for an abundance of patience on both our ends as we meet this new, exciting challenge before us. I’m praying for guidance as we adjust to a lesser income. I’m praying for greater trust as we lean on God for provision of all our needs, for the care of our family.

I know that, in the end, God will be glorified as we honor Him in following His leading and that we will be blessed in our faithfulness to Him.


One thought on “School

  1. Galen and I are in almost the exact same boat!

    I, too, am supporting his decision/desire to go back to school and pursue things he's being called to, in spite of the fact that it's meant less hours at work (less money coming in) on top of spending the money that school requires (gas money for commuting, book money, supplies, etc.).

    It's also meant less time together–two days each week I barely see him at all (he gets home after 10).

    While it's a trying thing, we're doing it with faith that God is calling him to bigger things than he's currently doing, and by being faithful and trusting in His calling and His provision, we will be blessed and He will be glorified in the end.

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