Yesterday and today seemed like forever long days at work. There was a minimal amount of work to be done and it wasn’t enough to stretch over eight hours. Still, the work day has come and gone, and now I’m home listening to “Cars” and to Brian getting upset as he plays a video game.

While they’re currently entertained, I currently feel like crap. I’d say another word, but, yeah… πŸ™‚ There’s days where I just feel uncomfortable in my clothes, with my hair, with how I look in general. I didn’t feel comfortable this morning when I left for work and I don’t feel comfortable even now. It’s hard for me to voice; I’m not typically concerned with how I appear to others so long as I’m comfortable in my own skin.

But as unsure as I feel about myself on days like today, Brian still sees me as beautiful. And there’s nothing that boosts my self-confidence than when he says, “Babe, you’re beautiful.”
Sometimes the reassurance he give mes is enough to see myself differently. Sometimes, that’s all I really need.

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