Costume & Candy

Our daughter, Ella, will turn two in eight days. Over the weekend, though, she celebrated her first Halloween by dressing up and trick-o-treating in our neighborhood.

We didn’t take her last year because we felt she was too small to really enjoy herself. Plus, she was still sleeping more often and on a bottle then. It would’ve been a very short-lived, not so fun experience. But this year, she had an awesome time! 🙂

Our walk took us to an area she’s familiar with; it’s where she’s at while we’re at work. The neighborhood is mostly quiet and there are a few families with kids. Except for the two little boys next door, she doesn’t know any of the kids in the neighborhood. But to see all the kids in costume and to receive that first piece of candy … She was excited and anxious after that!

It took maybe an hour to do the walk. She’s a slow walker, and the times she wanted to take off we couldn’t let her because the other kids would trample her. But she got lots of compliments for her costume, and she said “Thank you” after every house we went to.

Needless to say, she was excited to go through her bucket of goodies when we got home and indulged in several pieces of candy before bedtime.

I’m glad she enjoyed her time Saturday night. LOL The best part of the night was when we got home and she said “Trick or treat” to us thinking we’d keep giving her candy!

It didn’t work.


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