Heading into oblivion

I’m not sure if the title will tie into this blog at all, but it sounded cool to me! 🙂

So, the year is 10 months over, 2 months to go. Where’d the year go exactly? No clue.

I swear yesterday was January 1, 2009, and now it seems like it’ll be December 31 tomorrow. *Sigh* When I was kid, time never seemed to fly like it does now! What’s up with that?

I look at E and am amazed at how she has no cares in this world. She doesn’t go to school, doesn’t have to go grocery shopping or pay bills, doesn’t have to clean the house… (Life seems simpler when you’re a kid, doesn’t it?) She wakes up, has her clothes changed for her (although she’s excerting more authority over this issue), gets fed, naps, plays, talks, a bit of TV (like 1/2 an hour for Mickey Mouse), eats some more, takes a bath, goes to bed. Most of this stuff is not left up to her but in the capable hands of us, her parents.

But still… As appealing as it is to see all of this happening before me, I like having experienced my childhood already. I’ve heard some people say, “If I could relive my childhood, I would…” and I wonder if they regret their childhood. I’m not gonna make that call, but it leaves me to wonder, ya know?

Anyway, off that soapbox trip, lol.

November usually proves to be a busy month for us – birthdays, a holiday, and the beginning (hopefully!) of the holiday shopping.

E, B, and my FIL will celebrate their birthdays at some point in time this month. Birthday gifts??? No clue lol. Earlier this year we (along with my BILs) rented a car for my FIL, a corvette to be exact. I’m curious to know how we’re gonna top that! For B & E’s birthdays… We have an idea for E’s birthday, but still working on something for B. Wish me (and E!) luck!

And we can’t forget Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. Hmm… LOL It seems like such a rushed holiday. Gotta be here, gotta be there, don’t forget to get up at 5am to start cooking __________, make the desserts the night before. Rushed! It’s like a mad rush to get this and that done, shower, get dressed, load up the car, head over to ____________ so you’re on time.

*Sigh* I wish the year went by a little bit slower; the day is here and then it’s not. Bleh.

Moral (I guess): Don’t blink – too much of your life will pass you by if you don’t take enough time to enjoy the present.


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