Celebrating despite the pain

We celebrated Ella’s second birthday today with my immediate family. Nothing fancy (I’m not a big “look at how big a fancy party I can throw” type of person” but it was intimate.

It was so good to see my parents today. 🙂 Made me smile to see them. I don’t see my parents alot; personal and church life takes up alot of my time, and leaves little else for traveling and stuff. I’m not complaining about that – it’s a fact of my life.

My dad has GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). When we lived at home, it wasn’t as bad or as nasty as it seems to be this time around. They aren’t sure what’s set it off this time (he’s lived with it for at least 10 years) but he’s lost 14 lbs as of today because of it. He can’t eat alot of spicy, well-seasoned foods. Bland stuff goes down prety good. He also can’t have regular coffee; he’s a hardcore coffee drinker. Some people have “tea time” during their day, but my dad has “black tea time” during his day! 🙂 He can’t have chocolate which is a real bummer ’cause he loves chocolate about as much as he loves coffee.

Because of this, I had asked him if he was they wanted to come today. He said they would. True to his word, they were here.

Our menu for Ella’s birthday was roast chicken, rice, garlic bread, and corn. He ate a little bit, alot less than what he ate the last time we were together, and he drank a little cran-raspberry juice. Everything seemed to sit ok. Dessert was a white cake (we changed it when we found out chocolate was a no-no) and a selection of ice creams. He had strawberry ice cream with his cake and this sat well with him too.

I can’t express how much I love and appreciate his effort in coming out for Ella’s birthday. He was a little uncomfortable at times from how he was sitting, but he never let on to how he was feeling or his level of discomfort. He even joked a bit about his condition. “I can take it, I can make it.”

Back in the day, when he was in the Army, this was part of saying, one he taught us as kids. “I can take it, I can make it, I can be infantry.”

My dad’s tough, a discharged military man who never really left the military.

I guess that’s why he’s able to celebrate despite his pain.


One thought on “Celebrating despite the pain

  1. Awwww, Happy Birthday Ella Bella!

    Glad your dad was able to make it and pull on his strength. Gosh, I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy the things I love. I suppose being around wonderful family would remedy that – especially when one of them is a really cute 2-year-old!

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