Running to save me

I stumbled along, wandering without purpose
All the while I heard you call
You called gently
But you weren’t what I wanted

I shrugged off your call
And continued on my way
You were persistent though

I tried to escape you
Dodging left, dodging right
But you stayed with me

I thought I had lost you
I couldn’t hear your voice anymore
I turned to look for you
But I fell and was hurt

The crowds descended almost instantly
It was like they had waited for this to happen

I couldn’t move
So I called for you
Hoping you’d give me one more chance

At first, I heard nothing except the voices of my oppressors
Then faintly I heard your voice
Above the noise of the crowd I heard you running
The closer you got, the louder your footsteps became

You broke through the crowd, arms outstretched
I grabbed your hands and you pulled me up
And though I had refused your advances
You kept running to save me


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