Our Saturdays are usually taken up with some sort of activity(ies). Rarely are they quiet.


Today, is quiet. 🙂






SDC11070I’m currently sitting on the floor of my in-laws as I type this. The house is empty; everyone’s gone out to do some shopping and errands. The only sound heard is the dryer going; the clanging of a button from a pair of jeans as it tumbles around.




SDC11064I enjoy quiet moments, quiet Saturdays, especially when I have a chance to enjoy it alone. Those moments are few and far between. I’m thankful for these quiet moments; they give me a chance to sit and relax and find my calm. I don’t mind when they end though; my family comes back, the noise begins again, life returns to normal.

Quiet is my balance to my normally noisy, busy life.


One thought on “Saturday

  1. I had a quiet Saturday, too!

    Well, my morning was quiet. And beautiful. I love those moments. But, like you, I welcome the moment it ends {when the cause is my family}.

    My Saturday afternoon was filled with the loud noises of kiddies when I went to work. And my Saturday evening was filled with the sound of the laughter of Galen and my mother. Such a blessing.

    Glad you enjoyed your Saturday, too! 🙂

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