Giving Thanks

Every year, once a year, we pause to give thanks for the many things (tangible and intangible) we have been given.

This is about as stupid as saying “Thank you” once a year to every single person who has crossed your path and done something for you. Does this make sense to anyone?

Now, I am guilty of taking advantage of His divine blessings on my life even when I know I didn’t deserve it. But Sunday, we were taught that thanksgiving begins with worship. (Pause for a moment and think about it. Makes ya think, huh?) Worship is, in my definition, revered adoration and honor to a diety, a supreme being, God. So if thanksgiving begins with worship, then how do I display this?

My pastor pointed out a great example on Sunday: whenever God did something for the children of Israel, they would stop, set up a memorial and write a song. The song was one of thanksgiving, adoration, praise and worship to God for what He had done. They were publically acknowledging the blessing they had received.

Now, if we were stop for everything that God did for us, how often would that be? Probably every second of the day we would be doing this. It’s not that we’re not grateful; it’s that we don’t thank Him as often as we should.

So here’s a small sampling of my thanks:

Thank You for:

  • my health
  • my family and their health
  • our jobs, home, cars, and finances
  • waking us up to a new day so far
  • safety when we travel to work, to home, to visit family
  • Your unfailing love, grace, mercy and patience

I hope to pass onto our daughter (and any other children that are to come) what it means to be thankful and that thanking God for everything we have isn’t a chore or a bother – it’s what we should be doing every second of every day.


One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. There’s a lyric from a worship song I’ve always loved:

    “Every blessing you pour out I’ll turn into praise…”

    I try to do this…I fail, of course, being an unfocused human and all. But I do try. Thanks for the reminder!

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