Christmas Tree!

We got our Christmas tree today! 🙂

Brian put it up while I was out picking upElla, and he did a great job. We’re missing a star (we’ve never had one) but I think we’re gonna get one this year. Here’s our tree:

Isn’t it pretty? LOL We’re not thematic for our Christmas trees. We like colored lights and an eclectic collection of decorations. We like tall trees; Brian’s 6’5″ so the tree has to be taller than him. With a normal height apartment ceiling, it can’t be too tall though. This year’s pageant winner is 6′-7′ tall.

The only problem, I say, with such a tall tree is I can’t decorate it. 😦

I’m 5’2″ and a 7′ tree is too tall for me decorate. It would probably fall on me even if I used my step stool to decorate! (Yes, I’m laughing and smiling as I write this. And don’t laugh at my step stool – it makes me as tall as my hubby when I stand on it, so there!)

He does a terrific job of decorating, doesn’t he? 🙂

We hope your Christmas is just as joyful as ours, whoever decorates it and whatever you decorate it with.

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree!

  1. Lol! A step stool? How cute! Heehee. Parris has one, too!

    This makes me laugh also because Galen calls me short! And I’m only about 5 inches shorter than he is!

    Anyway, pretty tree! I love the stockings. 🙂

    • lol you’re hardly short! i have two step stools – one that’s got only one step, and the other that’s got two. that one’s extra helpful for really high shelves, which is mostly all shelves for me!

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