Before January 1, it’s tradition for a million people to make New Year’s resolutions. Some are pretty common: lose weight, eat right, work out, stay healthy, find a new job, etc. Some are not so common: mend broken relationships, end broken relationships, learn something new, try something new, kick a bad habit. Some are successful, others aren’t.

Once upon a very long time ago, I made resolutions. Once upon a not so long time ago, I stopped. I’ve found that I’m a complete and total failure and keeping any resolution I make before the beginning of the year. So, instead of attempting to make and keep a goal for an entire year, I try to make life goals, goals that I will try to make happen within my lifetime.

A big goal of mine since before I had our daughter is to lose weight, hopefully get to my pre-marriage weight. However, my biggest challenge is not being a “let’s work out together” type of person though so my goal of losing weight takes time. A way of doing this is portion control, which is awesome and has helped me lose a few pounds here and there. My goal is still in sight; it’ll just take longer to get there.

Another life goal is to buy our own permanent place. This isn’t just my goal, but it’s ours. With a daughter and a life together, we need a place to settle down in. This isn’t a particularly hard goal; it’s just one that takes time to achieve, but we’re getting there.

A goal I would love to finish, but unsure if I will, is to finish my education. The only reason I’m unsure if this is something I’ll be able to do is because it costs money. A lot of money. That’s not a complaint either. It’s a reality that we’re fully aware of. Nevertheless, it’s still a goal in sight.

Maybe we’re just thinking of resolutions wrong. Maybe we should just be making life goals instead and striving to make those happen.

So, goodbye resolutions. Hello, life goals.

Reaching my, and our, life goals is helping to define my ever after. May it do the same for yours.


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