Finding Silence

I have come to grips with this simple truth: finding silence is extremely difficult with a two-year-old.

“Me time” is a luxury and gift, bestowed by one partner onto the other with a promise of taking said child away for a few hours so the one frazzled and harried partner can regain a tiny bit of sanity.

Silence is just as hard to find. The course of our evening is spent in a mad rush of getting home, making and eating dinner, bath or shower for the kid, books, some TV, playtime in her kitchen, bedtime prayer, then, FINALLY, bed. (This doesn’t usually happen in the above order although it would be preferred by the mommy, lol.)

I’m usually left so wound up that I have a hard time settling into bed and rest for the night. Sleep doesn’t usually come until around eleven or so, sometimes later, but when that alarm rings at six I’ll be up and ready to go.

Maybe it’s not so much my wanting to find silence in my very loud and hectic evenings. Maybe I just need to prioritize better. Maybe I need to learn that it’s ok to let things go until the next day.

Maybe I should learn to slow down. Maybe if I did that, silence wouldn’t be so hard to find or seem like it’s so intangible.


Or maybe I should just have my head checked.


2 thoughts on “Finding Silence

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaand a new look again! Lol.

    Again, I like it! 🙂

    And if you ever want free babysitting, send Ella on over to us. Yes, really. If you need to go run an errand, if you need to get out with your hubby, if you need to catch a nap, if you need to go replace some of the hair you’ve pulled out…

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