Long Farewells

On April 2, my older sister will be getting married to her awesome fiance, Paul. On April 4, they will be driving from California to Kansas.

This past Saturday, I spent some time with my older sister, Sarah, and younger sister, Vicci, shopping, eating, talking and hanging out. We helped Sarah pick out some clothes (gray slacks and a red shirt) to wear to the courthouse, although she bought more than one red shirt because she liked them. 🙂

Our trip to Payless produced a pair of flats for each of us, including this beautiful pair for me:

While I love my new shoes, they serve as a reminder of my special day with my sisters. In the past, we’ve never really hung out together – life always seemed to get in the way. Still, my day with sisters was terrific.

I’m not emotionally inclined to cry over every little thing, but I know I’ll be sad to say farewell to my sister on April 3, the last day I’ll see her for a while. Long farewells suck.

As I write that, my heart has just sank and tears are now blurring my vision.

I love you, Sarah, and will miss you dearly but will pray you and Paul the best as you embark on this new journey together.


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