Take another look

Along with my younger sister, I’m embarking on a study by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, The Counter-Cultural Woman: A Fresh Look at Proverbs 31.

As a result, a new blog has been birthed and will be my prayer and study journal as we walk through this study together.

I’m a bit intimidated by this woman in Proverbs 31, often portrayed and described as the perfect woman, wife and mother. But we’re a few days into this study and I’m finding that she’s not perfect; I’m finding she’s like me – a complex being of strengths and weaknesses, ideas and beliefs, needs and wants. We’re not too different – it’s just understanding that this is the type of woman I can become, so long as God remains the center of my life.

If you want to walk with us through this study, please do. If you want to just read about my journey through this chapter, you’re more than welcome to. Whatever you choose, may you be blessed and begin to see yourself through the eyes of God and not the eyes of man.


7 thoughts on “Take another look

    • As unexcited as I may seem, so am I! 🙂

      I’ve never done a study on this chapter, in part because it’s such a huge chapter (not verse-wise, but content-wise) and to study it and see her as just a woman… It takes a lot to get past just everything I think I’m not!

      If you want to study with us, we’d appreciate and welcome the insight and walking partner! If not, I hope you’ll help us stay accountable as we strive to become women of God, women of virtue and women of excellence. 🙂

    • This is where the first study starts. I just keep the link bookmarked and go to the next day to read it. You can read the manifesto and sign up for the 30-Day Makeover at True Woman. It delivers the daily reading to your inbox although bookmarking it has been easier for me.

      Thank you for walking through this journey with us. I’ll let Vicci know – we’ll wait for you to catch up!

    • We’re on Day 4 but we’ll both wait for you to catch up! It’ll give us a chance to reread Days 1 to 4 to see what we’ve missed and see what God’s pointing out to us in them.

      Let us know when you get to Day 4!

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