“I’m starting to think it’s not enough”

I had an insightful conversation with a relative today, one that forced me to realize that my life, pre-and post-marriage, is privileged and not to be taken for granted or lightly.

I’ve know (only a little, really) about this relative’s past and present issues, but to have a one-on-one (albeit brief) conversation about their life was eye-opening. I was asked not cry but I couldn’t help it. The conversation was so emotionally moving for me that I couldn’t help but sympathize with tears.

I don’t understand, and frankly can’t comprehend, how life can be like this for one individual. How “I love them” can be said but in the same breath say, “I’m starting to think it’s not enough.”

My life struggles are so different than theirs, complete polar opposites.

But I went away from our conversation appreciating my life, and the struggles that come with it. It’s not to say, in the least, that the life I have is way better than theirs, but it is to say that I’m thankful that God has seen both of us through our struggles and had brought us together today to have this moment.

So, God, thank You for the amazing grace and kindness You have shown us both. Thank You for continuing to show us favor despite ourselves. Thank You for loving us regardless of our mistakes. Thank You for always holding us close to Your heart, making sure we are safe, loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Thank You.


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