Life and death

Life and death go hand in hand.

We are brought into this world, life breathed into our beings because God says it to be. We walk, talk, laugh, cry our way through life, with or without God in it.

But then death comes, leaving us feeling empty, cold, distant and bitter. The funny thing? Just as God breathes us to life, He also calls us home.

Funny how we sometimes forget that.

My life here on Earth isn’t for my mere enjoyment of fleeting pleasures. I have been called to be purposeful in everything I do and say, though I fall short of this more than I care to admit.

But I still strive to live a life that reflects Christ.

You are my God, my comfort in times of sorrow, my joy when I am down. But I don’t pray this for myself. I want this prayer to reach out to my family as they say goodbye to the matriarch of their family with heavy hearts. Reach down from the heavens and comfort them. Hold them as they mourn and grieve. Touch their aching hearts as they weep and release her to You.

When the time is right, when the time for tears is over, may they dance and sing for joy as they await the day they will see her again, alive, whole, healed from the pain of her illness, and basking in the presence of her God and King.

May we be encouraged by the life she lived in You. May we find peace and comfort in knowing she is home with You.

And may we remember that the time was right, that her work here on Earth was through, that You have welcomed her home with arms wide open, saying, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


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