Up at 2 and 430 again

Ella has, for whatever reason, gotten a cold. (Sorry, Lissa!)

At 2am this morning, she was coughing so much she asked to come sleep with me. She laid with me for a few minutes but her coughing was persistent (and annoying if I’m honest).

She couldn’t sleep or relax so she asked to be put back in her crib. More than happy to oblige her, I put her down and laid back.


She kept coughing so I got up to get her some water. I don’t have medicine to give her; Tylenol’s issued a recall for children’s medicine so I have to buy her something else.

The water helped, but, in truth, she didn’t want it.

She eventually fell asleep sans coughing but, at almost 230am, which is when I finally settled in to go to sleep, I realized that 430 was just around the corner and I would be up once again.

Oh well.

At least two out of three of us slept ok! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Up at 2 and 430 again

    • LOL thank you for the wonderful compliment! Sometimes I feel inadequate at being a mom, so to hear that I’m a good mommy is always such an encouragement! 🙂

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