Total “Eclipse” of the Brain (via Mildly Unprepared)

I don’t know a lot of obsessively infatuated tweenies (or older people) who are into this series. I am not obsessively infatuated with the Twilight series. I haven’t read the books and I haven’t seen the movies.

Not for lack of time.

More for lack of interest.

I’m not interested in reading/watching lovestruck teens on screen, one trying desperately to become immortal, the other trying desperately to not give in to the request.

I don’t have much of an interest in Vampires either. First Vampire movie I saw was “Interview With A Vampire” featuring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. It was pretty good – not a lot of CGs, boring dialogue, or stupid adrenaline junkies.

It seems Hollywood has run out of ideas for movies, so they’re hell bent on remaking oldies (sometimes destroying the story in the process) and feeding off the appetites of the tween-scene by using handsome/beautiful actors that can’t … well, act. (I’m not an actor myself, but using the same monotone voice for every single line in the movie except when you’re yelling or screaming?)

Anyway, enjoy this reblogged post from Mildly Unprepared:

Total "Eclipse" of the Brain The third installment in the apparently groundbreaking Twilight series graces theaters Wednesday morning… Yippee.     Despite the  cast's appearance to detest their fame, the series' inability to maintain a director, and at least five vampire shows on television at all times, people not only care, they have already started camping out in Forks and Port Angeles, Washington (two of the towns in which the franchise is filmed) and attending so-call … Read More

via Mildly Unprepared


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