Music soothes the soul

The wonderful Mr. took me out to dinner with our lovely family – the kid, his brother, and dear friends who may as well be related. It was great – food, laughter, talks about children and the children to come. No birthday song (thank you so much for not singing it!), no cake, no frills. Just a great-tasting meal, great company and great conversation to wile away the evening.

As a birthday gift, The Mr. bought me three throwback CDs: all three Priesthood albums! Needless to say, I was very grateful and very excited to receive some throwback rap tunes that I’ll actually listen to!

My favorite song though, the main reason I wanted their albums, is “Your Love Goes On” from “Turn Up Your Radio.”

Your love goes on and on and on
Goes on and on and on
Goes on and on and on
Goes on and on and on

Your love is much deeper than the deep blue sea and words can’t express what You mean to me
And I love it when we spend time in secrecy cause time well spent is an eternity
And when I do wrong, Lord, You help me be a man that can love so tenderly
And praising You, Lord, is my symphony and my main desire is to be close to Thee
‘Cause You are the one who makes my eyes to see and You are the one who gives me reason to breathe
And anyone I’m close to gets blessed through me and that’s how I know You’ve been a friend to me
I lift my hands towards the heavenlies and if I die now I die happily
‘Cause You are the one who sets my spirit free ’cause greater is He that’s in me

It’s the voice of the S, E double M droppin’ another gem, comin’ through with the blood again
I remember when I was so ignorant, by the blood my sins became irrelevant
The innocent instead of the guilty, the perfect in place of the filthy
It hit me (He did it for me), all the pain and the agony (He did it for me)
Rejected and betrayed (He did it for me), buried in the grave (He did it for me)
Blood on His clothes (He did it for me), on the third day He rose (He did it for me)
As my heart beat flow where the stars be, I like to party, party, party
And Your mercy, mercy, mercy is infinite it don’t stop and it don’t quit

Chorus (SWIFT Verse 3:)
I will bless You, Lord, at all times for Your eternal love is mine
Encased in the word and planted in my heart givin’ birth to the verb that brings a brand new start
You’re the essence of love and I just don’t understand but You got me caught up and fienin’ for Your plan
Just a taste of Your love is all it took and now I’m rappin’ in the studio livin’ out loud
And it blows my mind to see the work of Your hand, the earth and all things under heaven
But what is man that You are mindful of him, pitiful man that You would die for him
It’s Your unfailing love that can’t be described, Lord of all things reached down from on high
Drawing all men with Your arms opened wide, Jesus is still alright


6 thoughts on “Music soothes the soul

  1. Lol. Miriam, I cannot picture you listening to rap! Hahaha. I played that song for Galen, and he said he could see you nodding your head to it. 🙂

    We enjoyed dinner with you guys and were more than happy NOT to have to sing the Happy Birthday song. 😉

    • LOL while rap isn’t at the top of my genre list, some of it, like this song, are different to my ears than other rap songs.

      And believe it or not, I know this whole song by heart and sing along every time I play it, which is everyday now that I have the cd!

  2. Never mind, I got it. 😉 You’re making me wish I had the albums now too. Oh, and I found Unity Klan’s album on iTunes! Hee.

    • We got them off of Amazon. I think two of them were used, but they’re in great shape. I can burn off some copies and send ’em to you if you want. Let me know!

      • Yeah, I saw that! I know that the first two Priesthood albums are on there as MP3s, but I didn’t see “Turn Up the Radio,” which is a bummer. Can you send me a copy of “Turn Up the Radio”? Lemme know if you need my address.

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