Birthdays and holidays

So The Kid turned three recently. I swear she’s more like twelve or something. She’s got attitude to boot, an overly developed vocabulary and doesn’t seem to think twice before speaking.

Besides the fact that she’s definitely a girl with all the trimmings, I’m seriously wondering if I’ll survive to see her make her teen years!

And I’m also seriously praying she mellows out by then. If not…



Yeah, exactly!

On another note (I can’t say better because, seriously, it’d be me favoring one thing over another and I can’t do that!) the hubby will be celebrating a birthday soon too. I think he’s still riding the World Series Champs wave thingy after his beloved SF Giants finally took home the ultimate win in baseball! Woohoo!

*Sigh* But I can’t give him baseball for his birthday. That season’s so over and basketball’s now in full swing. The Warriors are doing pretty good so far, 7-4 last I asked. Tickets to a game maybe? Hmm… Something to consider!

Then there’s the holidays. Gotta LOVE this time of year – the crazy weather, the bombardment of Christmas ads, and even the reminder to “Bring joy to your world” line I’ve seen recently. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed THANKSGIVING’S NOT EVEN OVER YET!

I don’t like to rush holidays so what’s up with the frantic need to get Christmas underway when Thanksgiving’s not even celebrated yet? Plain stupidness.

The only good thing I can honestly say about Christmas is that the gift exchange my family does is already finalized. Names and wishlists have been traded. All that’s left is the dreaded shopping part.


Thank You, Lord, for giving someone the sense to invent online shopping!

And before someone bashes me with, “It’s all about the experience!” I’d like to say this loud and clear:


Which means Christmas shopping is a million times worse for me ’cause I get mean and cranky and annoyed and snappy. The other three aren’t so bad but when I get snappy… It’s so over! I quit shopping and go home to escape the madness!


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