Watch You Grow

I remember when we found out we were expecting you
It was frighteningly exciting
We couldn’t to meet you.
Each appointment brought us closer to your arrival
Each picture showed us your growth
It was amazing to see you develop.
And then you arrived and it was simply amazing.

You’ve been here for three years
You’ve grown so quickly.
Once upon a long time ago
You were mostly silent and helpless.
Three years along
You talk and are only semi-helpless.

You talk in mostly comprehensive sentences
Sometimes you don’t make sense
But that’s ok – we make it work.
You’re still exploring this great big world
Asking questions about everything
Forming opinions about everything.

It’s amazing to celebrate your triumphs
And kiss away your hurts
Even the ones that don’t really hurt.
It’s cool to listen to you talk
To marvel over what you say and remember
And then laugh at your expressions and hand gestures.

I tell people you’re such a girl
But, really, you’re simply amazing.
You make me laugh, make me smile,
Make me angry, make me annoyed.
But I’m still just amazed
As I watch you grow.


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