Beautiful Music

At almost 30 years old, I think it’s safe to say that I’m good at at least one thing. Well, not good. More like blessed at doing one thing well.

Playing the piano.

I’m not a professional pianist. I don’t have a degree in music. Psh. I didn’t even take music theory.

So why am I blessed to play the piano well?

*Shrugs* Because God found favor in my willingness to be used and has so far used this gift to bless people with.

I don’t play to impress people, nor do I play to receive acknowledgment for what I do. If anything, receiving acknowledgment is somewhat embarrassing for me to receive.

I know the reason I play, know the reason why I play.

So while I play well, I only play well because 1)God has blessed me to, and 2)I’m willing to be used by Him.

No glory to me.

All glory to Him.


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