Writing frustrations

The final entry for my last book “Priscilla” was posted January 25. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I posted it, too, because it’s done!

And then I cringed when I read each daily entry for “Priscilla” because the writing is horrible.

I am my worst critic, I acknowledge that, so my opinion of my work probably isn’t valid on any level.

That being said, the tedious work of editing my work will begin next week. It’s mostly spelling, punctuation and grammar. Sentence structure, plot consistency and all that fun stuff I probably won’t do for another month or so. It’s only because I’ll be sick of looking at this story and won’t want to work on it until I feel like it.

This story isn’t the cause of my frustration.

Before this story was completed and posted, the beginnings of another story were already forming in my brain. I have a title “Lillian”, a general idea of my main character, and bits and pieces of the story are already flitting through my imagination.

I’m frustrated because I’d like to finish “Priscilla” before I start “Lillian” but I feel like if I don’t begin “Lillian” I’ll forget what I’m mentally establishing for this story.

Frustrating to no end.

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