Fun in the workplace

Today was definitely a Monday.

Besides the fact that it says so on the calendar and (no duh!) it’s the day after Sunday, today was Monday in every sense.

Work was crazy busy and I was almost wishing the day was over at 10am.

My coworker’s currently out of the office and won’t be back until Wednesday, and – of course! – the phone rang off the hook today! It felt like, but probably wasn’t, everyone knew there was only one person in the office today and decided it was a great day to call!

The phone call’s weren’t bad, really they weren’t. A lot of the customers were inquiring about product availability, product ETA, order status, etc. I did have a “delightful” conversation with a very PO’d customer who called asking where their order was. Long story short, I was told by my higher-ups to ship the order tomorrow even though I explained to said higher-ups that this customer doesn’t pay on time.

Hmm… Oh well. We’ll see when this customer decides to pay a $2500 invoice! Bets anyone???

Then at 1pm (our normal lunchtime) I picked up The Kid and brought her back to work with me. In all honesty, she was good in the workplace. She stayed out of the way and entertained herself for the most part. She made decent conversation with the warehouse guys, helped me clean up the office and lock up. If I could take her to work with me everyday for just a half day, I think I’d love “working” with her.

It’s not my company though and rules are rules. Oh well.

Tomorrow’s promising to be just as “fun” as today – doubly so because the higher-ups are coming in! Woohoo!!!

Sorry, The Kid’s not coming with me.

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