Because of my post yesterday, *sigh* is all I can muster for today.

My brain hurts and I think I need sleep. The Kid was up at least three times last night, B’s got a cold and I’m here. Physically, I know where I am. Mentally… Make a good guess for me about where I am mentally, okay? It’s probably better than mine.

BUT! My indifference/lack of interest/whatever mood I’m in has diminished my need to say this:

Thank You, God, for today. Thank You for the cold morning and the promise of a warm afternoon. Thank You for waking me up, giving me strength to get out of bed and get ready for work, for bringing me safely to work. Thank You for maintaining my sanity because I know I’m not responsible for it! Thank You for whatever today, Friday, February 4, brings.

So, there you have it. Sometimes being bone tired is a bad thing. Today, it’s not. It serves as a reminder that I am blessed, loved and grateful.


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