Before I go to sleep

Before I go to sleep tonight, I’m listening to B’s breathing, wishing I could make him feel better, praying that this fever breaks. I’d love for it to be tonight but it has to run its course. Until it breaks I can only tend to him and pray over him.

And while he’s sleeping as peacefully as possible, I’m sitting beside The Kid as she falls asleep. I know that I’m sometimes too hard on her, sometimes lacking in tact when I handle her, but I thank God everyday for her. Tonight I not only pray for her mental and physical health, but also for her spiritual health.

I understand she is a gift to us. But gifts are not, should not, be taken for granted.

So tonight before I go to sleep, I will kiss her cheek and whisper a prayer of protection. I will ask my Heavenly Father to cover her with His Son’s blood, to guard her mind, heart, soul and spirit from evils I cannot see. I will ask that He hold her close to His heart, in the palm of His hand. And I will thank Him for always being with her when, as her parents, we cannot.

So before I go to sleep tonight I have this left to write: Thank You, God, for the blessing of my family. Thank You for finding us fit to be parents to this child. Thank You for all that You have done and what You will do. May we never fall victim to complacency and ungratefulness. May we always look to You, our Lord, our Savior, our Provider, our Healer, out God, our King, because everything we have, everything we could ever hope to be only comes from You. In the name of Your only Son, amen.


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