I’m sick – fever, cough, congestion. That kind of sick.

I haven’t been this sick in at least three years. I have this mantra that I say while I swallow loads of Vitamin C and pray for the sick people I come in contact with. It goes like this: I refuse to be sick.

I’m  not saying this is the reason I haven’t been sick in three years. That’s just dumb luck and wishful thinking to be honest. Plus I couldn’t really say why I haven’t been sick so much. You’d think with a kid I would be sick more often. Of course, The Kid doesn’t go to preschool or daycare so she’s not around the normal fare of germs and stuff. The Kid does get sick and she does I let it run its course. It helps her immune system get stronger.

To everyone I was supposed to help out yesterday (at church) and today (at work and possibly at church – I don’t really remember because my brain is fogged up right now), I apologize for not being there. However, I do pray that you are doing well (meaning you’re not sick) and ask that you pray for us three. B’s almost over his bout of sickness while I’m somewhere in the middle and The Kid seems to be almost over it as well.

Anyway, here’s to another awesome day that God’s blessed us all with, sick or not. Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Or stay in, drug yourself up with OTCs and get some rest. Either way, it’s still another day that we’ve been given and shouldn’t take for granted.

Ecco per la buona salute!


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