Life regrets (2/8 prompt)

Dear —–,

As of this writing, I can say I have only one regret in life. (Mind you, my life is only about 30 years long at the time of this writing.)

That I never bought the truck I fell in love with when I was sixteen.





To those of you reading, this might seem like an odd post. However, it’s a prompt. If you’d like to see it, the prompt, it’s here.

For those that are curious, yes, I wrote truck.

I think too many of us dwell on regrets that should no longer matter. How’s that ex-boy/girlfriend doing? What if I’d gone to ___________ college instead? Should I have moved to __________? Would he/she still marry me if I __________?

I think more relevant regrets should be: I shouldn’t have eaten that last slice of pizza or that last bean burrito. Probably should’ve paid that bill on time. I knew I should’ve driven myself here!

Laugh all you want (it actually is pretty funny now that I read it) but life’s not supposed to be about regrets that make us second-guess where we are right now, today. We learn from our mistakes, hopefully. We push forward to make/show improvement. But looking back, thinking about regrets, robs us of the chance to stay focused on our “now” and how our “now” defines our future. Leaning too much on inconsequential regrets clouds our vision and doesn’t give those we love the full “me” they deserve.

A truck, to you, may seem like a silly regret, right up there with pizza and beans. But it doesn’t ruin my marriage. It doesn’t call into question my sanity in what I do for my family. It doesn’t make me wish my life were different.

I think I would regret not having a truck if I were close to death or something.

Since I’m not close to death or anything though, I’ll say that my regret for not having the truck of my dreams is a whimsical, nonsensical regret.

BUT, just in case you’re curious (especially since most of you think it’s strange that I love metal music and wish for a loud Harley) the truck I would love to have is this.

(I would like mine charcoal gray with an extended cab and LOUD. I like that low, loud bass that music coming from a sub can produce, but that growling rumble of an engine in a truck is something to sigh about. And yes, I like that sound very much.)


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