I’m glad

Dear God –

Today I woke up with the worst headache ever, the worst congested feeling ever, just the worst everything ever.

Okay, maybe “ever” is a little strong. How about “as of late”? It just sounds weird tacking that onto the end of each point I just wrote though. Anyway, You know what I mean.

I’m trying not to complain because, seriously and really, what does that accomplish or prove? Okay, it proves that I’m partially miserable and halfway to insanity at this point but what else? Yeah, it doesn’t prove much else. You’re right and I agree.

As for what it accomplishes, I think You and I know the answer to that so I won’t even go there.

So instead of complaining, because I don’t feel like expending that kind of energy because it’s just dumb when I could use that energy for something else, I want to tell You that I’m glad I’m alive.

I can laugh because I feel half-dead. Probably don’t look it, but sure do feel it. I guess Your sense of humor’s great like that, huh?

I’m glad I can breathe through this congestion.

I’m glad I can talk and swallow even with this cough.

I’m glad that some of my brain is still focused even though I feel completely scatter-brained.

And (here it is because it’s really only because of You) thank You for all of this. I could probably be a lot worse, but I’m not.

Thank You that I can still breathe, speak, swallow and focus. Thank You.

I might have woken up in the worst everything this morning, God, but I’m not in the worst anything right now.

Right now, I’m glad.


One thought on “I’m glad

  1. I just started to feel better, first it was a cold, turned to the flu, and then to a sinus infection (severe) and now antibiotics and doctor helped. It took over a week and tons of sleep. Please get to a doctor soon, and feel well soon.

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