Anyone wanna tell me why everything in February is pink or red? Ugh. Or even purple!

I’m so not a girly-girl (thank You, God, for not making me a girly-girl!) and I’m not a fan of pink or red. The last time I wore pink, I was pregnant. The last time I wore red… I don’t know when. Maybe to do laundry or something.

I love blue.

And, no, it’s not a depressing color.

There’s baby blue, that reminds me of little boys birthed everyday into this world.

There’s sky blue, that reminds me of everyday I’m blessed to wake up to see.

There’s ocean blue, that reminds of the vastness and majesty of God’s creation.

There’s royal blue, that’s 1) comforting, and 2)a reminder of God’s sovereignty.

There stonewash blue, the color of my jeans, that reminds me I have all that I need and am never without His provision.

Blue is my favorite color. It’s B’s favorite color, too. The Kid can tell you it’s our favorite color. I prefer to see blue in a display that’s overloaded with pink and red cards. It’s a reminder of different things to be celebrated: my love for God, my love for B, and my love for The Kid (in that order ’cause that’s how it’s supposed to be).


Dear God,

Thank You for the color blue. Thank You for all the colors You have blessed us to see. Each hue and shade is a testament to Your amazing ability to create, to breathe to life, to see brought forth. Everyday brings an amazing display of colors that I am blessed to see and should continuously be amazed to see.

You could have spoken this world into varying shades of gray, with spots of black and white for emphasis. But You spoke it into color.

So thank You, not just for the color blue but for every color I am truly blessed to see.



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