Couldn’t have

Dear God –

Seven years ago, I said “I do” to the man you designed just for me. Seven years ago, I pledge my life and love to be his wife, his friend, his companion, his support.

For better. For worse.

I couldn’t have ever guessed that I would need or want a man like him. I couldn’t have ever guess that he would compliment me the way he does. I couldn’t have known that I could love this deeply. I couldn’t have known I could care this much. I couldn’t see my future or know who would be “the best” for me.

But You did.

You knew everything about me, and him, before either of us were born.

Today isn’t just about celebrating with hearts and roses and cards and diamonds.

Today is about celebrating a union You brought together, a marriage You have blessed from the beginning, a partnership You continue to keep together.

We’ve had our rough times (what couple doesn’t?) and I know we couldn’t have made it this far if Your hand weren’t upon us. You help us stick together, see everything through to the end. You help us maintain our sanity when we both feel like we’re going crazy. You show us new reasons to stay in love and happiness with each other.

We couldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for You.

Nothing about our marriage is our doing. From our finances to our jobs to our schooling to our child. Everything is because of You.

And we refuse to say otherwise.

If we have a reason to boast, it’s because of You but let us always, always, boast of Your works, of what You’ve done. Everything we come across in our lifetime together, may we always remember to point the glory and praise to You.

To those who would offer us “congratulations” on being married this long, we want to say, “It’s all because of God.”

Because it is.

So, God, take us to the end of our lifetime together. Keep us regardless of what we face. Let us find favor in doing Your will, in keeping to Your plan. Let us love each other like You have loved us – unconditionally.

Though it isn’t traditional, I want to pray one last thing over our marriage:

I refuse for our marriage to fall prey to the tricks of the enemy. To the calls and sweet persuasions of the things of this world that may tempt either of us, I bind it and cast it out in the name of my Savior. You will not have a hold in any part of our marriage. You will never be a reason for either of us to stray. My Father has seen us this far. I will not let us be torn apart by something as frivolous and fleeting as lust and sex.

My husband is mine. I pray God’s protection over him. I ask for His Son’s blood to cover him. He is set apart from other men, called to be a child of God, a purpose-driven man who will lead his family to where God wants us to be. Give him the wisdom he needs as he follows Your will and leads us according to Your word.

I am his wife. I ask God’s protection over me. I ask for His Son’s blood to cover me. I am called, set apart, to support him, to love him, to be for him all that God has called me to be to him. Help me build him up and not tear him down. Help me support him even when I don’t understand, fully, where we’re going.

You have brought us together and I refuse for anything but death to separate us. We are Your children, and You are our Father, our Savior, our God, our King.

We couldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for You.

Don’t let us forget that.

In the name of my Father, Amen.


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